Choose Watercolor Paper For Newbie Painter

For the beginner painter, to pick watercolor paper seems confusing and little bit hard to decide. It is because there are many quality of watercolor paper that available in market.

If you are shopping for the paper you must consider two essential characteristics, weight and texture. By knowing those aspects, you’ll easily to select paper that suits for your art work.

Paper Weight

The paper weight is the first thing you must concern when you are looking for watercolor paper. Weight is signifying for the quality and price of the paper. There are 3 typical weights for watercolor papers.

1. 90-pound paper. It is student grade and usually thin. It will fold when wet and can’t tolerate for much scrubbing to change.

2. 140-pound paper. This type paper is the most popular choice. It’s quite solid and can be stretched to prevent crumpling when wet. This paper dries quickly and offer in medium-priced.

3. 300-pound paper. This watercolor paper is like a board. You don’t have to stretching it. But, it cost more expensive than 140-pound paper. When wet, it needs more time to get dry.

When you choose paper weight, ensure that you pick based on what you want to achieve. As beginner, you can start to paint your work of art with the 140-pound cold-press, 100 percent cotton rag and acid-free paper. Just find that paper type in any brand.

If you don’t want to have any problem when draw your paint, you can use the watercolor board. It doesn’t buckle when wet. So, you will not difficult to make your art work dry.

Paper Texture

The different type of paper texture will give different effect on your paint. Thus, before you buy the paper, you must know which paint you want to create, is it full of details or sparkling reflection on water. Ensure that you select the right texture.

1. Hot Press. The texture is smooth and could make nice surface for any prints and drawings. It has waterproof finish, so you can create more fascinating art work. But, if you are using this paper, you’ll face difficult to make soft transition and more hard edges.

2. Cold Press. It is the most popular paper for watercolor painting. This slightly rough texture will allow the paint to patch up into the texture pockets. You can create some various painting techniques option, if you pick this texture.

3. Rough. Its texture is bumpier than cold press. It’s perfect for embroidered rough texture techniques.